117-year-old French nun survives COVID-19

Europe’s oldest person is blind, a Catholic nun, and now... also a survivor of coronavirus.

The French nun Sister Andre will celebrate her 117th birthday this week.

That’s the spokesman for her care home in southern France asking her if she was scared.

Her reply was that she didn’t even know she had the virus, and when she learned she did, she wasn’t afraid of dying.

Lucile Randon took the name of Sister Andre when she joined a Catholic charitable order in 1944.

David Tavella, the spokesman, says despite the virus there’ll still be birthday celebrations.

"Sister Andre's birthday is taking place at a good time - it couldn't be a better time, because it will mark the beginning of big festivities that will be organised around this relaxing of our restrictions. Our residents will be able to get out of their rooms, eat together, participate in activities. And yes, Sister Andre's birthday takes place just as this is happening, and this will allow us to bring everyone together once again, and we owe this to our eldest resident. It's very touching and relieving for the residents, for the families and for the care workers."