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5 Valentine's Day Looks We're Crushing On

When it comes to Valentine's Day, there are several categories you can fall into in the love department. Maybe you're the hopeless romantic in a committed relationship who adores the holiday and its cliches? Or you're the carefree dating app pro with a date (or two) lined up? Are you a skeptic whose dating life is a bit complicated or the newly boo'd-up in the thick of the sweet honeymoon phase? And of course, the option of the single, group chat event planner ready to ring in Galentine's Day with the crew. But regardless of your dating status, the Hallmark holiday is really just another excuse to get all dressed up—and your V-day makeup is just the place to start.

Soft glitter eyeshadow or a sultry red lip is typically the go-to makeup look for the holiday, but that can get redundant after a while. So in the spirit of V-Day, ELLE.com editors looked to celebrities Gigi Hadid, Laura Harrier, Naomi Scott for fresh takes on pink, red, and nude makeup to suit our individual plans. Ahead, five easy, swoon-worthy makeup looks for Valentine's Day lovers and skeptics alike.

5 Valentine's Day Looks We're Crushing On

If these ELLE editors can do it, so can you.