11 Unique Recipes For Your Grill This Summer

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11 Unique Recipes For Your Grill This SummerHearst Owned

Move over hotdogs and burgers, there’s some new barbecue food in town. If you think the grill is only for making the typical cheeseburger or chicken kebab, think again. As it turns out, there’s a whole bunch of unique recipes out there that you can prepare using this popular outdoor cooking gadget.From tomato gnocchi skewers and grilled oysters to grilled brie with wine (yes, you can make cheese with a barbecue if you do it right), we rounded up some of the most innovative barbecue recipes that are sure to be a huge hit during your next backyard cookout.

Chipotle Tofu & Pineapple Skewers

If you’re tired of ho-hum chicken and vegetable skewers, then give this tasty recipe a try. Made with guajillo chiles, onion, annatto paste, chipotle, and freshly chopped pineapple, this delicious dish is so easy to make. Get the recipe for Chipotle Tofu & Pineapple Skewers from Delish.

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Tomato Gnocchi Kebabs

This innovative barbecue recipe, which calls for fresh gnocchi, parsley, anchovies, and cherry tomatoes, is a creative spin on a classic pasta dish. Feel free to add other veggies, such as chopped broccoli and cubed eggplant, to the mix if you feel like it. Get the recipe for Grilled Gnocchi Kebabs from Delish.

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Grilled Brie with Wine

Chances are you’ve never had anything quite like this grilled brie dish. Requiring only five minutes of prep time, this tasty recipe features a whole cheese wheel, dry white wine, garlic, and thyme. Enjoy this one with a toasted baguette, crackers, or pretzel chips.Get the recipe for Grilled Brie with Wine from Delish.

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Grilled Oysters

You're missing out if you’ve never made oysters on the grill. This unexpected recipe requires only five minutes of prep time and around seven minutes of grilling. Get the recipe for Grilled Oysters from Delish.

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Surf ‘n Turf Foil Packs

These foil packs are a lifesaver when you have your hands busy entertaining during your next backyard get-together. To make this convenient meal, all you have to do is turn your grill on to high heat, arrange steak, shrimp, corn, tomatoes, onion, lime, garlic, and whatever else you’d like to include on a piece of aluminum foil, close its top by folding the edges over, and place it on the grill for six to eight minutes on each side. Voila! A tasty low-effort dinner in virtually no time. Get the recipe for Surf ‘n Turf Foil Packs from Delish.

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Sausage Pinwheels with Marinated Peppers & Grilled Broccolini

Impress your backyard barbecue guests by making this sausage pinwheel and marinated pepper recipe that will have everyone asking for seconds. This dish calls for Italian sausage, but feel free to experiment with any kind you’d like. Get the recipe for Sausage Pinwheels with Marinated Peppers & Grilled Broccolini from Country Living.

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Grilled Apples with Prosciutto & Honey

One word to describe this incredible summertime snack is “wow.” Made with goat cheese, Honeycrisp apples, and salty prosciutto, this next-level recipe may just become your new go-to. Get the recipe for Grilled Apples with Prosciutto & Honey from Country Living.

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Grilled Avocado

As it turns out, avocados aren’t just for avocado toast or enjoying on sandwiches. This grilled avocado recipe, which takes a total of 15 minutes to whip up, pairs wonderfully with barbecued chicken, vinegary kale salad, grilled corn, and more. Get the recipe for Grilled Avocado from Delish.

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Grilled Peaches

If you love to go peach picking in the summer, be sure to bookmark this recipe—it’ll be great to have on hand for when you have more peaches than you know what to do with. Calling for just four ingredients, this easy-to-make dish is excellent to serve as a dessert—just top the peaches off with vanilla bean ice cream, fresh whipped cream, and a drizzle of dark chocolate sauce. Get the recipe for Grilled Peaches from Delish.

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Buffalo Cauliflower Kebabs

Cauliflower is one of those vegetables that can do it all. Bursting with texture and flavor, this buffalo cauliflower kebab recipe is made with butter, vinegary hot sauce, celery, yellow bell pepper, and a tangy blue cheese dressing. Get the recipe for Buffalo Cauliflower Kebabs from Delish.

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Bánh Mì Kebabs

Wow your friends and family with this fantastic bánh mì kebab recipe. Featuring chunks of pork, carrots, daikon, and a touch of honey, this mouth-watering dish is a summer barbecue must-have. Although it calls for pork, feel free to swap it out for any other protein, including chicken, shrimp, beef, or tofu. Get the recipe for Bánh Mì Kebabs from Delish.

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