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11 of the best spring & summer tire deals you can score on eBay

Your snow tires got you through some tough winter drives, but now it's time to tuck them away and get your ride ready for spring.

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These are the best tire deals from eBay

Fingers crossed, the days of sleet and snow are long gone. Your snow tires got you through some tough winter drives, but now it's time to tuck them away and get your ride ready for spring. But as you start planning for the warmer weather, you're suddenly faced with the hard truth — your all-seasons are way overdue for an upgrade. With so many tires out there, it can be tough to know where to begin. Luckily, we've put together a list of 11 amazing tire deals on eBay right now that will simplify your spring shopping. Whether it’s a new pair of all-seasons or a set of powerful performance tires that are calling your name, eBay has everything you need to get your vehicle cruising this spring.

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A performance tire like this one from Continental is a popular option for your spring and summer needs. Its singular SportPlus Technology helps prolong tread life while providing a better grip as you navigate wet roads. If you have a sporty car and want tires that give you more of a handle on the road then these will work perfectly for you. Just remember, when shopping for any tire online, you need to confirm its available for your vehicle by entering your vehicle specs and tire size information in the search menu provided.

$260 at eBay

Lots of different terms are thrown around when researching tires, but two common ones are performance and all-season. Essentially, a performance tire is about providing a driver with a better handling experience on the road, while the all-season tire's better tread helps your car manoeuvre a variety of weather conditions. For me, a driver who's never once driven in sport mode, all-seasons are my jam and these from Michelin are an excellent option. This long-lasting high performance tire is well designed for superb wet and dry braking. Although, who are we kidding, anything in the Michelin tire family is a safe bet for your car.

$234 at eBay

If you're looking for a reliable and durable tire, then the Firestone All Season is for you. One of the most trusted tire brands in terms of safety and endurance, these tires give you great all-season performance at an excellent value.

$206 at eBay

This Yokohama all-season performance tire is a great choice for passenger and crossover utility vehicles. This tire's asymmetric tread pattern, wavy sipes (slits) and grooves are ideal for traction during a summer storm. If you're spending your spring and summers months in a wet or cooler climate you will appreciate the tire's unique HS-2 Compound which makes breaking and handling much easier.

$253 at eBay

For truck and SUVs drivers looking for a tire that can manage well both on dry roads and in light snow, this is the tire for you. The Kumho Crugen HT51 also has a highway terrain tread, which is what you want on those long road trips. This all-season tire offers drivers a smooth and comfortable ride all year long. 

$187 at eBay

"Muscle car" enthusiasts will appreciate the look of this Cooper tire. Its performance tread delivers premium traction, ideal when driving your passenger car or crossover vehicle on wet roads during those summer storms. There's no question that if you're are on the hunt for a classic looking tire made with superior materials, the Cooper Cobra Radial is certainly worth a look.  

$200 at eBay

With Goodyear's Assurance All-Season tire, you can rest assured your car will be safe and secure. The tires unique multiple biting edges provide top notch traction for whatever condition you may face. Whether the roads are wet or dry, this tire will have cars and crossover vehicles riding in comfort and style. 

$173 at eBay

The Goodyear ElectricDrive GT tire is a great option for drivers of electric vehicles requiring a specific type of all-season tire. The tread pattern of these tires is uniquely designed for electric cars, offering a steadier drive on either wet or dry road conditions. The tire's SoundComfort Technology helps limit noise inside the car ensuring a smoother and quieter journey. 

$271 at eBay

Tires for your electric vehicle can be pricey which is why you want to make sure you get a pair that will last. These Michelin Primacy tires are made especially for luxury electric cars providing increased traction and superior handing on wet roads. With its MaxTouch construction, the tire tread will wear evenly over time. Your EV will be all set for smooth and safe long summer drives with this trustworthy all-season tire. 

$377 at eBay

The affordable Sailun Atrezzo is a high-performance all-season tire designed to last. Constructed with a special silica material ideal for enhanced grip and stability on dry roads. This tire and with its V-shaped tread design is perfect for whatever conditions you may encounter on any upcoming cross-country summer road trips. 

$140 at eBay

For anyone driving a light truck or SUV the General Tire Grabber tire is a well-priced and durable option. You'll appreciate its unique Duragen Technology for long-lasting and year round traction. If you're searching for a tire that wears well and provides a comfortable ride for your kid packed SUV this summer, then this one from General Tire is definitely worth grabbing

$207 at eBay

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