11 Fun Birthday Ideas For Your 13-Year-Old, No Matter What They're Into

Rebecca Brown

Every party a parent or caretaker has planned up until this point is irrelevant - the success of yesteryear pales in comparison to the importance of honoring the 13th birthday. It's a milestone when a child officially goes from tween to teen, and for you, dear parent, the pressure is on.

Of course, with COVID-19 restrictions in place, parents should use their best judgment to determine whether or not throwing a birthday party is feasible at this time. If you choose to celebrate your kiddo with a small get-together, follow your state's safety precautions, and consider having all attendees wear masks and social distance at the event, if possible, as vaccines aren't available yet for children under the age of 16. Additionally, parents may want to consider hosting outdoor-only events, keeping groups small, and requiring COVID-19 testing before any gatherings that can't be kept socially distanced.

Here are 11 ideas for celebrating your 13-year-old's birthday, all of which could be modified in terms of safety amid the pandemic (or stored away as ideas for future birthdays!).


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