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11 Beautifully Breezy Outdoor Ceiling Fans for Your Patio

Outdoor ceiling fans are the key to surviving hot and sticky weather. Can you imagine the days when houses were constructed to best catch breezes, and your only other solution for cooling off was a handheld fan?

Fortunately those days are gone, and modern outdoor ceiling fans have been constructed with durable, high-grade materials that can withstand the worst of inclement weather. Most importantly, they will keep you cool and comfortable through the blazing summer months.

When looking for a new outdoor ceiling fan, consider the layout of your patio or porch. Indoor fans can rotate air within a confined space to keep a room cool, but outdoor fans don't have the same ability. Air flow and your outdoor space's coolest areas will be more localized to the placement of the fan.

Determine the size of your space and decide if you will need more than one. For an outdoor patio that is not enclosed, opt for a more high-powered option that can withstand the elements. A new outdoor ceiling fan, solar lights, perhaps an outdoor kitchen, and even a hammock for your backyard will have you relaxing outside all summer long.

11 Beautifully Breezy Outdoor Ceiling Fans for Your Patio

Here's how to keep your cool at home this summer.

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