48 Cleaning Supplies That Will Make Your Home Cleaner, Greener, and, Most Importantly, Safer

Haley Lyndes

If you're an advocate for anything natural, organic, clean, and green, then we highly recommend adding these products to your spring-cleaning arsenal. Not only do these cleaners erase the dirt, but they do so in a way that's gentle on both you and Mother Nature. From plant-based cleaners to dye-free dish soaps, you'll find that your home not only looks good but feels good, too. While most of the packaging is made from recyclable material and a majority of the products are nontoxic, please note that not all of them are - so double-check the label if you want something completely chemical-free! Get ready for a spring cleaning that'll make you feel prepared for the months to come with these eco-friendly cleaning supplies ahead.

– Additional reporting by Brittany Natale


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