Here's How to Throw a Super Cute (and Socially-Distanced) Valentine's Day Party

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No doubt this Valentine's Day might look a little different—y'know, compared to V-Days in years past. As we consider the global pandemic and safe social distancing measures, perhaps throwing a huge party with an endless guest list isn't quite the vibe this year.

But if you're planning to have a little shindig with your quarantine pod or a mini Galentine's Day get-together via Zoom, then might I share with you some snazzy Valentine's Day party ideas to help you set the mood?

I mean, just one question, first: Is there a more aesthetically pleasing occasion than Valentine's Day? There's the red and the pink and the chocolate and a very good excuse to bring back rosé season early. We may be social distancing, but that doesn't mean we can't at least celebrate this lovey-dovey holiday with all of its classic heart-adorned decor and sugary snacks—even if it may be over webcam.

So, scroll through for some fun party-planning tips that will your V-Day bash worthy of everyone's 'gram.

1. Send some sexy-ass invites.

Get your crew psyched with all the deets on your festive event. You could make it super cute and go the snail mail route. Or if you're looking for something more immediate, then a perfectly designed e-vite sent straight to their emails could be just the choice for you.

2. Plan a fun party game.

Yes, talking sh*t is a sport, but change things up with this card game that might make you laugh so hard you pee a little.

3. Get the drinks ready.

Pass around an easy Valentine's Day cocktail recipe with your Zoom party guests or keep it simple and just grab yourself a nice bottle of whiskey, wine, or non-alcoholic wine. (Yes, that exists!)

4. Do a little fortune-telling.

Frands of any relationship status can enjoy this gorgeously illustrated deck of future-revealing tarot cards. (Or amp up the ~sexy vibes~ with an erotically-themed deck instead.)

5. Make some fancy cubes.

Those not imbibing (or those who just want a vodka soda) are gonna need some ice. Fill your bucket with these rosy cubes. To make them, pluck the petals from two or three roses and add them to a basic tray, filling it halfway with distilled water before you pop the whole thing in the freezer. After a few hours, fill the rest of the tray with more H2O, then freeze again so the petals sit smack dab in the center when it comes time to serve.

Get the recipe at HelloFresh.

Photo credit: HelloFresh
Photo credit: HelloFresh

6. Set up a DIY photo booth (or Zoom background).

Now’s the time to use that random spare wall in your apartment. Whether you'll be using it to take pics or as your webcam backdrop, set up an Insta-worthy setting by covering a wall with glitter-foil and other festive things. Order some ahhhmazing on-brand props and balloons and snap and share.

7. Come dressed on-theme.

I'm not saying you gotta show up to your own party dressed in lingerie—but I'm certainly not stopping you if you feel like wearing something a lil special under your party clothes. Aside from lace frills and strappy garments, there is a slew of other V-Day-themed digs you could get all gussied up in.

8. Seal your party favors with a kiss.

After the party, you could send everyone a quick thank-you text. Or you could get real cute with it and mail each attendee a sweet postcard, complete with a v Valentine's Day lipstick print right next to your signature.

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