10 TV Shows ‘House of the Dragon’ Fans Are Also Watching Right Now | Chart

As many anticipated, HBO’s “House of the Dragon” has been a top performer for HBO since debuting last month. And luckily, if you’re enjoying the new “Game of Thrones” prequel series, we have insights on the shows other “Dragon” fans in the U.S. are gravitating toward right now, according to Whip Media’s data from its TV Time app, a TV series and movie tracking app that has 22 million global registered users.

Let’s address the show you might be expecting to top the list of most popular titles for “Dragon” fans: Yes, Amazon’s “The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power” is incredibly popular with “Dragon” fans as well. It’s easy to see why, of course, considering the parallels between the two series. Both shows cost big bucks to make, both shows are based on popular fantasy-adventure intellectual property, and both shows recently debuted while garnering a bevy of media coverage.

But here’s a mild shocker: “Rings” is not the most popular series among “Dragon” fans. Instead, over the last month, “Dragon” fans have been more likely to watch “The Serpent Queen” — Starz’s new period drama on the life of 16th century French Queen Catherine De’Medici. This is according to Whip Media’s Affinity Rankings, which look at the titles viewers watch after watching a specific show — in this case, “House of the Dragon.”

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To this point, there has been heavy overlap between “House of the Dragon” viewers and “The Serpent Queen” viewers. In fact, “Dragon” fans are nearly three times more likely to watch an episode of “The Serpent Queen” than a non-”Dragon” viewer.

While that may be a bit surprising at first blush, there are some clear parallels between the shows: “The Serpent Queen” is a historical drama, and “Dragon” certainly has elements of drama in it, and it’s also not set in modern times.

“The Rings of Power” came in second place on Whip Media’s list of the 10 shows “Dragon” fans are also watching. And like the data for “The Serpent Queen” mentioned above, there’s a good chance that if you watch “Dragon” then you’re also a fan of “Rings.” “Dragon” fans are about 2.5 times more likely to watch the new “Lord of the Rings” spinoff series than non-fans.

10 shows “House of the Dragon” viewers are most likely to watch, U.S. (Whip Media)
10 shows “House of the Dragon” viewers are most likely to watch, U.S. (Whip Media)

“See,” Jason Mamoa’s sci-fi dystopian drama on Apple TV+, grabbed the bronze medal in terms of most-watched shows from “Dragon” fans. The show’s third and final season debuted at the end of August.

Taking a step back, “Dragon” looks to have provided a nice boost for other HBO series as well. The fourth, sixth and seventh most popular shows with “House of the Dragon” fans in the U.S. have been HBO series — “Westworld,” “Industry” and “Hard Knocks,” respectively. “Westworld’s” sci-fi nature dovetails nicely with “Dragon,” and “Hard Knocks” has a similar audience to the new HBO series. Two-thirds of “Dragon” viewers are male and about 55% of its total viewers are between the ages of 18 and 39, according to Whip Media’s viewer data. That lines up nicely for HBO’s annual football docuseries.

“Industry,” though, is important because it highlights that viewers have diverse tastes. On the surface, the drama about the cutthroat world of international finance wouldn’t seem to have much overlap with “House of the Dragon.” But that’s also one reason “Dragon” viewers likely gravitate toward it. “Industry” isn’t the same and offers viewers a different flavor. Sometimes that’s needed after watching an intense show like “Thrones” or “Dragon.” And also, it’s worth pointing out the two shows share one key similarity: Like “Dragon,” the “Industry” audience is nearly two-thirds male.

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Wedged between those three HBO series on the top 10 was “American Gigolo.” The new Showtime series based on the classic 1980 Richard Gere flick and starring Jon Berenthal just debuted this past Sunday, and it’s already garnered a lot of overlapping viewers with “House of the Dragon.” A “Dragon” viewer is twice as likely to have watched “American Gigolo” than a non-fan.

The last few spots on the list are AMC’s “Tales of the Walking Dead,” Adult Swim’s “Primal,” and “Dota: Dragon’s Blood” on Netflix. These shows reinforce a key trend of the top 10 — that most of the viewing “Dragon” fans are doing goes beyond the confines of HBO and HBO Max. They’re jumping to other streaming platforms or other cable channels to watch their other shows. And interestingly, not one of the shows listed is on a traditional network — signaling again that TV viewership is much different today than it was a decade ago.

Moving forward, it’ll be worth watching if “Dragon” fans watch more HBO programming — or if they continue to bounce around, looking for the shows they like best.

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