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10 Podcasts That Bring Me Happiness as a Black Listener

I’ve always used film and television as a pick-me-up, something to escape to when I’m overwhelmed with what life and the world is throwing at me. Recently, though, I’ve needed more. I’ve needed connection and understanding and that isn’t something I’ve been able to get from Netflix and chilling alone. So I’ve been turning to podcasts, especially podcasts created by black people, to get the kinship I’ve been craving. I turn up my speakers to full volume when I’m cooking dinner so that their reassuring voices, carefree laughter, and insightful opinions fill my apartment. I listen to them while on my walks, smiling when they playfully poke fun at each other. I’ll even have an episode on while I’m cleaning as background noise. It’s not the same as getting a real-life hug from my mom, but it’s support I can lean on right now.

If you too feel like you need some reassurance—or if you're an ally seeking to gain more understanding of and appreciation for black lives and voices—find it in the form of these black creators who will hold your hand through the bullshit. They’ll make you feel better, they’ll help you get a moment of peace, and they’ll make some days feel lighter than others. Basically, they are the digital version of “Want me to come over?!” I’ll tell you right now: There is nothing like a *Crissle laugh* to turn your day around.

10 Podcasts That Bring Me Happiness as a Black Listener

These black voices can help provide a sense of rest and comfort right now.

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