10 new movies and series to watch on Netflix, Disney+ and more in December 2022

new movies netflix december 2022
new movies netflix december 2022

Get your popcorn ready and tune in to these highly-anticipated new movies and series from Netflix and more throughout December 2022.

Plan your movie night wisely because you will enjoy what we’ve curated this month. From sci-fi dramas to rom-com, be prepared for the return of Netflix’s Alice in Borderland, Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area part 2 and Emily in Paris. For a slice of mystery, get ready to witness Daniel Craig reprise his role as master detective Benoit Blanc in Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery. If you grew up loving the National Treasure franchise, the reboot Disney+ series follows a young explorer as she embarks on an adventure of a lifetime. While we’re still recovering from Henry Cavill’s departure from The Witcher, this prequel series set more than a thousand years before the world of “The Witcher,” is definitely worth a watch.

A list of new movies and series to watch on Netflix, Disney+ and more in December 2022


Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery

Premiering on 23 December

Kicking off our monthly guide to new movies to watch on Netflix and more in December 2022 is none other than the Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery. For those who enjoyed the thrill and mysteries behind the first movie, the highly-anticipated sequel sees Detective Benoit Blanc’s (Daniel Craig) return. Only this time, with a brand new cast featuring star-studded names such as Kate Hudson, Edward Norton, Kathryn Hahn, Madelyn Cline and more. When world-famous detective Benoit Blanc was invited to party on a tech billionaire’s (played by Edward Norton) private island, they find themselves in a unique “game” involving a make-believe murder mystery party that slowly shifts into a full-on real murder mystery.

Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio

Premiering on 9 December

If you grew up loving Pinocchio, you’re in for a treat as Oscar-winning filmmaker Guillermo del Toro reimagines the classic tale in this stop-motion animated musical fantasy film. In true Guillermo del Toro fashion, the film takes a darker spin on the Italian novel. In this adaptation of the classic fairytale, the character is made entirely out of wood carved from a tree that grows over the grave of Gepetto’s son. Longing for a second chance at being a father again, Gepetto’s wish magically comes true when the wooden boy turns to life. Star-studded names include Gregory Mann as Pinocchio, Ewan McGregor as The Talking Cricket, Tilda Swinton as Fee du Bois, Finn Wolfhard as Candlewick and more.

Emily in Paris: Season 3

Premiering on 21 December

Did Emily find herself caught in between two lovers and career opportunities? We believe so. Back with more drama and fabulous fits, Emily (played by Lily Collins) has a tough decision to make this season. Picking up from where season two left off, we’ll see Emily thriving in Paris as she figures out her feelings for Gabriel (Lucas Bravo) and Alfie (​​Lucien Laviscount) while deciding her loyalty between her two bosses: Sylvie and Madeline.

Alice in Borderland: Season 2

Premiering on 22 December

Based on the manga series written and illustrated by Haro Aso, Alice in Borderland centres around Arisu, a gamer who finds himself in a parallel universe in Tokyo called ‘Borderland’. In the first season, Arisu and his two friends compete in a sadistic game to survive, no matter the consequences. After the traumatic experience of losing his friends, season two will focus on Arisu and Usagi as they fight for survival while uncovering the hidden secrets of Borderland.

The Witcher: Blood Origin

Premiering on 25 December

Set more than a thousand years before the world of The Witcher, this prequel series centres on seven outcasts in the elven world who unite in a blood quest against an all-powerful empire. Blood Origin charts the origins of the first prototype Witcher and shows the ferocious trio — Elven warrior and sword master Scian, warrior musician Éile, and the vengeful Fjall. Starring Sophia Brown, Laurence O’Fuarain and Michelle Yeoh.

Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area part 2

Premiering on 9 December

If you love seeing Park Hae-Soo as Berlin, prepare for season two of the Korean adaptation of the iconic Spanish crime drama La Casa De Papel (Money Heist). The latest season will focus on the romance of Rio and Tokyo, along with Seo Woo-Jin’s attempt to unmask the identity of The Professor. As the team tries to escape from the Mint, we’ll witness the crew handle their situation with the cops, government and hostages.


National Treasure: Edge of History

Premiering on 25 December

The National Treasure franchise is rebooted for the small screen. In this new series, Jess Valenzuela’s life is turned upside down when an enigmatic stranger gives her a clue to a centuries-old treasure that might be connected to her long-dead father. Jess has a knack for solving puzzles, and her skills are tested as she and her friends follow a series of clues hidden in American artifacts and landmarks. But can Jess outsmart a black-market antiquities dealer in a race to find history’s greatest lost treasure and unbury the truth about her family’s past? Starring Lisette Olivera, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Jake Austin Walker.


Gossip Girl: Season 2

Stream from 1 December on HBO GO

Welcome back, Upper East Siders! Our favourite students of Constance Billard-St. Jude’s School is returning with new dramas, killer outfits and love interests. The latest season will centre around Julien as she recovers from backlash revolving around her dad’s #MeToo scandal, while her stepsister Zoya tries to make it on her own after living in her sister’s shadow. We will also see a juicy update between the official throuple (Audrey, Aki and Max) as they figure out their relationship. However, the most exciting plot of all is Monet’s plan to claim the ‘Queen B’ title from Julien – will she succeed?

new movies netflix december 2022
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The Complete Fast & Furious Collection

Stream from Friday, 16 December, on HBO GO

Street racing, family conflicts and heists – get ready to relive the best moments of the Fast & Furious franchise on HBO GO. The Complete Fast & Furious Collection will feature the excitement and jam-packed action of the beloved franchise from The Fast and the Furious (2001) to the latest instalment, F9: The Fast Saga (2021). Plan a movie night and get ready to reminisce about the incredible bond between Vin Diesel and the late Paul Walker.

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Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan Season 3

Premiering on 21 December

The third season of the action-thriller series sees Jack Ryan working as a CIA case officer in Rome. After receiving a tip that the Sokol Project, a secret plan to restore the Soviet Empire, is being resurrected more than 50 years, Jack embarks on a mission to confirm the intelligence. However, things quickly go awry, and he is wrongly implicated in a larger conspiracy. Accused of treason, he goes on the run. Hunted by former allies and new enemies alike, Jack races against the clock to stop the cascade of destabilizing conflicts from leading to global catastrophe.


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