Only up to 10 LED wreaths allowed at each wake under NEA guidelines

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LED wreaths. (SCREENSHOT: YouTube)
LED wreaths. (SCREENSHOT: YouTube)

SINGAPORE — A maximum of up to 10 light emitting (LED) wreaths are allowed at each funeral wake in Singapore under new guidelines jointly developed by National Environment Agency (NEA) and the Association of Funeral Directors Singapore (AFD).

The deployment of such LED wreaths – including for only up to one inflatable wreath – is to be confined to a funeral wake area such as in HDB void decks and pavilion, and is subject to conditions and approvals from Town Councils or the relevant authority, according to the NEA and AFD guidelines.

“The use of light emitting wreaths and inflatables in an excessive manner have resulted in growing public dis-amenities and safety concerns. These include light and noise pollution, obstruction to pedestrian traffic, obstruction of motorist line of sight, potential power trips and trip/falling hazard,” NEA and AFD said in the guidelines.

The guidelines came after concerns expressed by members of the public about the safety of LED wreaths. Some funeral parlours have banned such wreaths at their business premises over electrical safety concerns.

Among other restrictions in the guidelines, the LED wreaths shall not exceed 2.6m in height and 1.5m in breadth while the inflatable should not exceed 4m in length by 1m in breadth and 3.2m in height so as not to obstruct the view of residents and motorists.

If LED wreaths are placed within common spaces like pedestrian walkways and pavement, clear demarcation is required to allow proper walking space of at least 1.5m clearance within these spaces. They are also not allowed to be placed near carparks, roads, walkways, business entities or residences.

The setup and dismantling of such wreaths from 10pm to 7am daily are forbidden.

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