10 International Instagram Influencers To Follow To Ace Men’s Fashion

men's fashion Instagram
men's fashion Instagram

Instagram is a cool place to be at. It not only keeps you entertained with endless cat videos and hilarious memes but it also ensures you are abreast with the latest trends in the world of fashion. For men with a sartorial eye, it has become a pulsating mecca, a finishing school that you actually did not pay for, offering a virtual gateway into the fascinating world of men’s fashion.

At this finishing school, it’s the influencers who serve as invaluable mentors by offering grooming tips and fashion advice for free. Unlike traditional models and celebrities who may leave you questioning your whole existence by flashing logos of expensive brands, these top Instagram influencers evoke a sense of inclusivity with the belief that fashion is for everyone to enjoy, not just the wealthy or the famous. They inspire you to break free from the mundane ‘just change ties’ and ‘blue jeans and white shirt’ mindset, encouraging you to explore your own unique style in the process.

So, as we embrace a time when fashion is blurring the lines between genders, men’s fashion itself becomes more daring and distinctive. While we all have our favourite Instagram influencers whom we have been following ardently for ages, it’s 2023, and there’s a sea of fresh talent waiting to take you into the world of men’s fashion on Instagram. 

Best Instagram influencers to follow for men’s fashion in 2023

We have dived deep into the depths of Instagram to curate a list featuring the top male Instagram influencers from across the world that will offer a fresh perspective to your everyday style. From sharp boardroom dressing to the allure of quiet luxury and the abandonment of street style, our selection caters to a spectrum of fashion. Following these 10 style gurus will help you reimagine your sartorial game and stay on top of the latest trends in 2023.

Rowan Row

men's fashion instagram
Picture Credits: Instagram/Rowan Row

No. of followers: 1.6 million
Based out of: London
Fashion aesthetic: Boardroom dressing 

A professional slayer, this London-based influencer is the gentleman you would love to run into in the elevator. Whether he’s commanding attention in tailored suits in classic navy and black hues or donning long coats and a variety of tassel loafers to perfection, Rowan sets the template for boardroom dressing. 

Don’t let his formalwear prowess let you box him in though, for on multiple occasions, he has fearlessly experimented with paisley prints, geometric patterns and vibrant linen shirts, showcasing his versatility and fashion-forward mindset.

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Daniel Toni Jais

Picture Credits: Instagram/Daniel Toni Jais
Picture Credits: Instagram/Daniel Toni Jais

No. of followers: 448K
Based out of: Germany-New York
Fashion aesthetic: Old money

This flaneur is one that gives old money. His sartorial choices exude an air of quiet luxury and refined elegance, with oversized blazers effortlessly paired with muted undershirts and relaxed bottoms. A regular at fashion weeks, Daniel’s feed is a treasure trove for those seeking inspiration to pull off fits that are classic and timeless. 

So, immerse yourself in his world of sophisticated men’s fashion on Instagram, and join the ranks of his devoted followers who find themselves captivated by each meticulously curated post.

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Justin Livingston

men's fashion Instagram
Picture Credits: Instagram/Justin Livingston

No. of followers: 287K
Based out of: New York
Fashion aesthetic: Minimalist

You will spot this cool boy on the loose on the vibrant streets of New York. With an impressive following of 287K devoted admirers, you will find yourself irresistibly drawn to Justin’s Instagram profile. Gravitating more towards crochet tops, easy fits and warm hues, his style is pleasant on the eyes. 

Justin Livingston’s fashion choices are a haven for guys who lack a few inches in height. We absolutely love how he plays with cropped uppers and relaxed bottoms to give his 5-foot-six-inch tall frame a tall illusion. It’s an aesthetic that could easily be emulated without trying too hard.

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Niklas Rueth

Picture Credits: Instagram/Niklas Rueth
Picture Credits: Instagram/Niklas Rueth

No. of followers: 388K
Based out of: Barcelona
Fashion aesthetic: Vintage street style

Apart from his captivating green eyes, what will make you hooked to Niklas Rueth’s feed is his vintage charm. Hailing from Barcelona, this is someone who can’t go unnoticed, be it on the streets or on Instagram. His style comprises grandad vests, plain linen shirts, flared trousers and easy espadrilles and sliders, all thrown together to whip out a chic ensemble. 

This influencer not only has a way with clothes, but he’s a pro at accessorising as well. Whether it’s teaching us how to wear a stack of chains or making hoop earrings look cute on men, Rueth is a walking style guide on vintage fashion.

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Rahi Chaddha

men's fashion Instagram
Picture Credits: Instagram/Rahi Chadda

No. of followers: 1.4 million
Based out of: UK-India
Fashion aesthetic: Modern-day maximalism

This UK-based fashion influencer has an Indian origin and his Indianness is often reflected in the maximalist designs that he sports. Rahi is someone who believes in the adage “more is more and less is a bore.” 

From vibrant brocade suits to long overcoats styled with traditional Indian haars, this dude doesn’t conform but dares. Hands down, one of the best male influencers for men’s fashion on Instagram.  

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Leonardo Hanna Azrak

men's fashion Instagram
Picture Credits: Instagram/Leonardo Hanna Azrak

No. of followers: 144K
Based out of: Spain
Fashion aesthetic: Queen dressing

In the big pool of male fashion influencers on Instagram trying to flaunt their machismo, this Spanish model and influencer chooses to embrace his feminine energy. Leonardo’s curated feed includes edgy corsets, cut-out tops and silhouettes that are not traditionally considered masculine, creating a style that is influential to both women and men. 

At the same time, this queen also has a jacked-up physique that many men would kill to flaunt. What’s not to love? 

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Alex Costa

Picture Credits: Instagram/Alex Costa
Picture Credits: Instagram/Alex Costa

No. of followers: 1.9M
Based out of: United States
Fashion Aesthetic: Effortless chic

From grooming and fitness to lifestyle, Youtuber and Fashion Influencer Alex Costa has a lot of tricks up his sleeves to help you elevate your style. After all, he is a content creator with over seven million followers on social media channels and for good reason. 

With a keen eye for trends and men’s fashion, he combines classic and contemporary staple pieces to create outfits that are effortlessly chic. Known for his polished and sophisticated aesthetic, he shares hacks and tips that are not only aspirational but also accessible to his audience.

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Picture Credits: Instagram/Lioo
Picture Credits: Instagram/Lioo

No. of followers: 88K
Based out of: Paris, France
Fashion Aesthetic: Vintage

The French are the masters of the art of simplicity, and this is clearly reflected in their fashion choices too. LIO, a Parisian male fashion influencer, also channels that energy. Known for creating refined and sophisticated looks with minimalist touches, he has an affinity for earthy tones but loves to experiment with brighter shades. He can also be seen redefining men’s fashion on Instagram with textures to create fits that look effortless.

So, if you are looking for inspiration to seamlessly blend timeless silhouettes and colour schemes, you’ll fall in love with LIO’s Instagram feed.

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Brock + Chris Lin

men's fashion Instagram
Picture Credits: Instagram/Yummertime

No. of followers: 283K
Based out of: Los Angeles, California
Fashion Aesthetic: Loungewear Connoisseurs

Meet Brock and Chris Lin, the dynamic influencer duo hailing from the sunny shores of Los Angeles, California. Whether they are lounging in a luxury hotel or exuding elevated countryside charm in crochet vests paired with breezy lounge pants, their knack for making loungewear look chic is undeniable. Pastel suits in the most relaxed fits become statements of comfort and style when sported by this duo.

But their Instagram presence isn’t just limited to outerwear. Brock and Chris Lin, in a true-blue exhibitionist style, boldly showcase their collection of high-end innerwear and swimwear. Beyond fashion, they also enjoy partaking in skincare, demonstrating that self-care can also be a fashionable affair.

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Nick Wooster

Picture Credits: Instagram/Nick Wooster
Picture Credits: Instagram/Nick Wooster

No. of followers: 1 million
Based out of: New York
Fashion Aesthetic: Chic streetwear

Nickelson Wooster, a professional man about town, is living proof that style knows no age limits. At 63, this American fashion consultant continues to push boundaries, solidifying his place as one of today’s top Instagram fashion influencers. With a prolific career spanning collaborations with esteemed brands such as Neiman Marcus, Calvin Klein and Polo Ralph Lauren, Wooster has left an indelible mark on the industry.

Wooster’s signature style and unconventional fashion sensibility, characterised by a fusion of preppy and military elements, is nothing short of iconic. It’s a testament to his ability that he is able to seamlessly blend classic elegance with contemporary streetwear. His trademark neat facial hair further adds a dash of sophistication to his distinctive looks.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

– Who is the best Instagram influencer for men’s fashion?
There are tons of Instagram influencers who you can follow for men’s fashion. You can consider following Rahi Chaddha, Daniel Toni Jais, Niklas Rueth and Nick Wooster, among many others.

– Who is the most followed influencer on Instagram for men’s fashion?
Adam Gallagher, Marcel Floruss, Dan Trepanier, Phil Cohen, Kosta Williams and Blake Scott are some of the most followed Instagram influencers for men’s fashion.

– Who is the richest men’s fashion influencer on Instagram?
While it’s difficult to estimate who the richest men’s fashion influencer on Instagram is, most influencers with a decent following make a substantial sum of money.  

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