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Next week's Hollyoaks episodes see Darren Osborne's depression finally start to spark concern in the village, while Liam Donovan refuses to let his evil revenge plans go awry.

Here's a full collection of 11 big moments coming up.

1. Darren starts to distance himself from Mandy

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Darren is aware that Mandy has become concerned over some of his recent behaviour, so he promises that he's getting back to his old self. However, as soon as Mandy has left the flat for the day, Darren drops the act and is clearly struggling again.

Later, Darren gets through the day with help from Luke and Kyle, but darkness descends on him once he's home. When Mandy gets back, Darren can't face any interaction with her and pretends to be asleep.

2. Mandy shares her concerns

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The next day, Darren spends hours on the couch in his pyjamas. He's supposed to be getting ready for his much-hyped open-mic night at The Hutch, but he refuses to get dressed and tells Mandy that he's not up to attending.

Mandy confides in Nancy, Kyle, Cindy and Luke about how something with Darren doesn't seem right at the moment. When she goes into further detail and describes his behaviour, it strikes a chord with Kyle.

3. Kyle tries to help Darren

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As seen in Hollyoaks' recent leap year trailer, Kyle realises that Darren may have depression and tries his best to support him.

Darren makes another attempt at getting things back on track afterwards, wanting to ease Mandy's concerns. Growing closer to Kyle, Darren invites him to feed the ducks with him and DJ. Could Kyle be the unlikely source of support that Darren needs right now?

4. Kyle has issues of his own

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Next week's episodes also show that Kyle is struggling with his own issues. Kyle starts the week excited as his wedding is now just over two months away, but when he realises that Nancy is nowhere near as excited as he is, her attitude knocks him for six.

Kyle turns back to Jordan for more drugs, but also asks whether he wants to go for a drink. Jordan cruelly laughs in his face, leaving Kyle feeling totally humiliated.

5. Sid makes a plea to Jordan

Juliet has been rocked by Jordan's threats to expose her drug dealing if she doesn't agree to carry on working for him. The teen is adamant that James and Marnie can never find out what she has been up to.

Sid tries to tackle the situation himself by appealing to Jordan's sense of family, hoping that he'll ultimately agree to let Juliet off the hook. When Jordan puts his foot down, Juliet decides it might be time to tell her family before someone else does it for her.

6. Edward threatens Diane

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With Tony and Diane's marriage back on track, Edward is jealous and frustrated as he has to watch their PDAs around the flat. On what would have been his wedding anniversary with his late wife, Edward decides that life is too short and threatens Diane by vowing to reveal their affair to Tony.

Later in the week, Edward wins a prize and insists on Tony and Diane being at the awards presentation for his speech. As he teases a "big announcement", Diane fears this could be the moment that Edward will reveal the truth to everyone. Leela tells Diane that it's time she stood up for herself.

7. Diane's secret is revealed

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Although the exact circumstances are being kept under wraps, next week's episodes will indeed see Tony learn that Edward was Diane's other man, rather than the mysterious "Barnaby" who she invented last month.

Alex Fletcher, who plays Diane, recently told Inside Soap: "It will be tough for Diane and Tony, won't it? I don't think Tony will get over it.

"Plus, Edward's so manipulative and doesn't want to see Diane happy with Tony, so I'm sure he will worm his way back in – he's going nowhere!"

8. Liam threatens James

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When he's not busy getting Juliet out of trouble, James is hard at work trying to secure a release for Warren Fox, who was locked up for his recent attack on Liam.

James's efforts don't go down well with Liam, who fears that his revenge plans against Mercedes will be thwarted if Warren gets released.

Liam tries to stay in control of the situation by warning James that he'll tell Mercedes who shot her unless he keeps Warren behind bars.

Meanwhile, Mercedes continues to live in fear over what Liam might have planned for her.

9. Peri doesn't trust Jordan

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Peri is pleased when Jordan invites her on another date, but she fears the worst when she spots him behaving suspiciously around another girl.

Not prepared to be messed around, Peri demands to know what's going on, although she later feels foolish after hastily accusing Jordan of cheating on her.

10. Cindy takes to the stage

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Cindy can't resist trying her luck during the open-mic night at The Hutch, deciding to see how she does with some stand-up comedy.

Cindy's initial material is far from successful, but just when it seems that she's about to lose the support of the crowd, she turns the tables by roasting her audience instead. Will she finally get a few laughs?

11. Ollie and Imran put their plan into action

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Ollie and Imran have hastily put together their contribution to a school project on sustainability. The teens are focusing on sustainable fashion, so Ollie dresses in a bin bag for a photoshoot.

Imran focuses on taking the pictures, while Tom takes time out from his not-so-busy schedule to play the part of a wind machine. However, when Brooke reveals a better idea for the project, does this mean all their efforts were wasted?

Hollyoaks airs weeknights at 6.30pm on Channel 4, with first look screenings at 7pm on E4.

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