10 Greatest Thanksgiving Football Moments – Including Mark Sanchez’s Butt Fumble (Photos)

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Turkey, family and football. It’s a Thanksgiving trio that’s been going strong for nearly a century now. Your first thought when it comes to Thanksgiving football might be simply that the Detroit Lions play — and lose — every year, during an otherwise “meh” day of games. But your memory would be deceiving you. First off, the Lions aren’t that bad on Thanksgiving, with an all-time holiday record of 37-40-2. Not too shabby. And there have been a fair amount of noteworthy performances, controversies and bloopers on Thanksgiving — enough to even make a list of 10 memorable football moments without having to resort to including that “Friends” episode where Monica and Ross wrestle over the ball for hours.

Mark Sanchez’s Butt Fumble: How could we not start here? Two simple words joining together to perfectly and succinctly summarize what is perhaps the most infamous NFL blooper ever. If you’ve seen it once, you can’t forget it: Jets QB Mark Sanchez dropping back, then immediately darting forward and running directly into the rump of beefy teammate Brandon Allen. Sanchez dropped the ball to the ground and it was promptly run back for a touchdown by the Patriots — putting them up 21-0 on their way to a Thanksgiving 2012 blowout. It was a “Three Stooges” skit come to life, and for non-Jets fans is the first thing fans remember about Sanchez, not his back-to-back trips to the AFC title game.

Mike Tomlin’s Trip: Chicanery or an honest mistake? It depends on if you’re talking to a Ravens or Steelers fan about their 2013 matchup. Ravens return man Jacoby Jones looked like he was on his way to a kickoff return touchdown until Steelers coach Mike Tomlin entered the picture. Tomlin, with his back to Jones and his foot straddling the field, helped slow down Jones just enough to help Cortez Allen tackle him. The “defense” from Tomlin saved a touchdown, as the Ravens were only able to convert a field goal on the drive. Baltimore went on to narrowly win the game 22-20, anyway. Afterwards, Tomlin said he’d simply “lost my placement” while watching the play on the Jumbotron. He was later fined $100,000 by the NFL for his close proximity to the field.

Randy Moss Sticks It To Dallas: Revenge was on the menu for Randy Moss in 1998. Months after being passed over by the Cowboys in the draft, Moss torched Dallas for 163 yards and three scores as the Vikings waltzed to a 46-36 victory. He was efficient, too, needing only three catches to rack up his three touchdowns.

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