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27 Easter Egg Hunt Ideas That Take the Tradition Up a Notch

There is so much to love about Easter — the family time, the pastel colors that remind you of spring, and the fun activities that come with the holiday. Of course, we're talking about Easter egg hunts. And although the traditional hide and hunt is a godo time, there are plenty of unique Easter egg hunt ideas that will take the event to the next level, whether that means hiding something other than candy or hiding a coveted golden egg.

Of course, things might be a little different for your family this year, given the new Corona-related restrictions. But social distancing doesn't mean you can't celebrate the holiday. In fact, it may even be more of a reason to keep the tradition going. Finding a reason to celebrate may help distract your family from the chaos and remind them that there is still some normalcy in the world. That said, if you do plan on hosting an Easter egg hunt for your family, make sure you're doing it in a private yard (or even inside) and practicing safety.

27 Easter Egg Hunt Ideas That Take the Tradition Up a Notch

Your little ones will be hopping with excitement!

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