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10 Fragrances for Under $55 That Smell Incredible

Spritzing on perfume before you start your day is a luxurious experience. Hardly a necessity, it’s the finishing touch to a perfectly crafted look, floating with you as you breeze through the day. It can help deliver your first impression on the sweetest cloud. It can evoke the thought of you every time someone’s nose picks up on a scent similar to one you have sported. And, OK, sometimes it can help you get away with finishing a killer workout and not hitting the shower after. Perhaps the most beautiful part of fragrances? There are plenty of cheap perfumes, so you can enjoy a wonderful scent without your budget taking a big hit.

There are times when a higher cost directly equates to a higher quality. Luckily, this isn’t one of them. This is one of those glorious times that you can truly have it all. Whether you’re feeling floral, want to soak in a citrus scent or are ready to wow with a woodsy fragrance, here are some of the best cheap perfumes you can buy without breaking the bank.

10 Fragrances for Under $55 That Smell Incredible

Treat yourself to a sweet, work from home, scent.

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