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13 Black-Owned Home Brands to Support Now and Always

VERANDA typically serves as a welcome reprieve from the chaos and stress of the world, but there are times when we must be more than that. We are, along with the rest of our country, mourning yet another loss of life due to the color of someone’s skin, and we cannot keep silent about this injustice—and the many other unjust acts committed against people of color in our country.

In the coming days, weeks, and months, you can expect to see more content related to this from our staff. We know we have a long way to go. Donating to organizations like the Equal Justice Initiative which, in addition to challenging racial injustices through the court system is also using design to to change what we know about systemic racism and racial violence in America, is one productive way to show support.

But another meaningful way to support is to shop from black-owned businesses. Today, we're highlighting a handful of our favorite black-owned home brands and the designers who built them. You can find more ways to support the industry’s black talent through Black Artists + Designers Guild and Black Interior Design Network.

13 Black-Owned Home Brands to Support Now and Always

From fabric and furniture to sculpture and paint.

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