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The 11 Best Podcasts to Listen To in 2020

Social isolation and the expansion of the work from home culture have lead to a reconsideration of podcasts. Frequently relegated to the morning commute, they once felt like a time-effective way to cram in information and news during the short moments your mind was free. Some have predicted that stay-at-home orders would make them feel obsolete—easy to pass over in favor of eight-hour Netflix binges. But that hasn't been the case.

With our standard schedules now blasted to smithereens, any time can be podcast time. And what counts as a valuable listen is totally up to you. News and politics feel like too much? Give your old go-tos a rest. What feels right, right now? A fantastically funny cultural survey that maintains its footing years in. A winding look into an obscure musical mystery from a top-level journalist. An extraordinary exploration of an American tragedy that gives us a clearer perspective on both what happened then and what's happening right now. Continue on for our picks of the best of what's out there.

The 11 Best Podcasts to Listen To in 2020

Give Netflix a rest for the night.