The 1 Thing You Should Try Before Spending Money On Heating Hacks

We’re still very much in the trenches of the cost of living crisis and the Office of National Statistics (ONS) has reported a 6.7% rise in electricity prices compared to last year.

It’s no surprise, then, that many of us are looking for heating hacks to keep our bills down, but our homes and bodies warm enough.

From hot water bottles, to keeping doors closed, we’re doing what we can to find ways to keep heat in but according to the experts at Tapi, there’s one thing we haven’t considered: rearranging furniture.

Why you should rearrange furniture to keep your home warm

While we usually save home re-shuffles for the big ‘spring clean’, the positioning of your furniture could be the very thing that’s stopping your home from being as warm as it could be.

According to Tapi, large furniture placed in front of radiators can block the flow of warm air, preventing it from circulating freely into the room. This can lead to inefficient heating and uneven temperature distribution. Not exactly ideal when you’re already paying so much to have the heating on.

If you can’t remove large furniture from near the radiator, it’s recommended that heat-resistant shelving is installed above it or radiator reflector panels are placed behind it. Both of these help to distribute heat evenly throughout the room and prevent heat from being absorbed back into the wall.

Tips for keeping the home warm without spending more money

Once your furniture is suitably re-organised, is there anything else you can do? Well, it turns out, yes!

Brb, I have a bed to move.