The 1 Sign You Should Check Your Home For Mould Immediately

According to housing charity Shelter, over a quarter of renters experience dampness and mould in their homes.

While these can be unsightly, difficult problems to address in the home, they can be incredibly damaging to your health, particularly over an extended period of time.

And according to Healthline, one of the signs of mould in the home that could sneak up on you is a consistently runny nose and congestion as well as irritated eyes.

If you find over time that these symptoms aren’t clearing up and worsen over time, it’s time to fully inspect your home for mould and dampness.

Signs of mould in the home 

If you have been worried about the potential of mould in the home, now is the perfect time to address it as according to the BBC, it’s more likely to occur during colder months.

The signs of mould in the home include fuzzy black, white or green patches on the walls, and a damp and musty smell.

According to the UK Government, “Damp and mould primarily affect the airways and lungs, but they can also affect the eyes and skin. The respiratory effects of damp and mould can cause serious illness and, in the most severe cases, death.”

How to clear mould in the home

If you rent your home, your landlord has a legal duty to address damp and mould issues and to check six weeks after action that the problems have stayed away. However, according to Ronseal, there are some things you can do to address the issues:

  • Fill a bucket with water and a mild detergent like washing up liquid. Or use a dedicated mould remover to make quick work of it

  • Dip a cloth in water and wipe the mould off the wall. Don’t brush it as this can release mould spores

  • Once you’ve removed the mould, use a dry rag to remove the rest of the moisture

  • Throw away the cloth and vacuum the room to make sure you’ve removed all of the spores

The sealant experts add, “If you have mould on soft furnishings like clothing or soft toys, they should be shampooed or professionally dry cleaned.”

Shelter has a wealth of advice and resources for renters facing damp and mould problems on their website.