This 1 Decorating Decision Could Be Attracting Wasps To Your Kitchen

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We’ve written before at HuffPost UK about the best colours to wear if you want to keep wasps as far away from you as possible (the best distance for ’em, if you ask me).

We’ve even shared the best plants you can grow to deter them from your home and garden.

But according to Jamie Jones, property expert and founder of Open Space Concepts, some plants may actually be the problem.

“Make sure to avoid keeping flowers or plants on your outdoor dining table, as the pollen can attract wasps and bees to the area,” the pro advised HuffPost UK over email.

“Instead, consider using artificial flowers as the centrepiece, or opt for a dried flower.”


Though baby wasps solely survive on the prey of their parents (yes, really), adult wasps only eat sugars like nectar.

So it follows that some will be attracted to particularly tasty plants.

Beekeeping-turned-bee removing company The Bee Man writes that some flowers are more attractive to wasps and bees than others.

“If you’re concerned about what plants could attract wasps, you should keep colours in mind primarily,” they write.

“Any flowers that feature the colours white, purple, blue, and yellow will be a significant attraction to predatory insects. Other plants can also attract them, like the sweet fennel spearmint due to their colours and the flavour of the beloved nectar they can provide,” they add.

Meanwhile, Homes & Gardens writes that marigolds, geranium, and pennyroyal are likely to deter stinging visitors.

Any other wasp-repelling tips?

Jamie Jones shared many with us, including sealing your home as completely as possible, removing food sources, and experimenting with wasp-repelling plants and smells.

“If you have fruit trees, make sure to clear away any fallen fruit to avoid it rotting, as the acidic scent will attract both wasps and flies,” he added.

“And, if you’ve had an outdoor dinner party or BBQ, make sure to give your outdoor space a deep clean to avoid grease or spills from food attracting insects,” Jamie said (with the upcoming UK heatwave, that advice is pretty timely).