This $1.99 ALDI Find Is the Best Money You'll Ever Spend on a Kitchen Tool

I use it multiple times a day, every single day.

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If there's one kitchen utensil every home cook should own, it's a spoonula. Part spoon, part spatula, it's a tool so masterfully adept that it's earned a memorable hybrid name. Similar in size and shape to a traditional spatula but with a rounded head and scoop-like center, it effortlessly tackles tasks that other utensils simply can't.

ALDI's latest finds feature a complete set of the Crofton Silicone Utensils, including a spatula, solid serving spoon, slotted spoon, turner, and, of course, a spoonula. I have two identical spoonulas, and they've been trusted kitchen companions for over a decade. At just $1.99, it's hands down the best two bucks I've ever spent.

What I Love About ALDI's Spoonula

  • It's the Swiss Army Knife of kitchen utensils—Its versatility is unmatched. The flexible silicone head is thin enough to scrape every last bit of batter from a mixing bowl yet sturdy enough to stir a thick soup or sauté onions. Its spoon-like shape allows for easy scooping, stirring, and folding, while the spatula edge is perfect for scraping, spreading, and smoothing.

  • It looks good—Beyond its functionality, the Crofton spoonula (and others in the set) comes in a variety of trendy colors, bringing fun and whimsy to any kitchen. Available in cheerful summer hues like vibrant peach, blue, and green, it's a small but mighty statement piece (and perhaps even a cheap mood-lifter) in an otherwise neutral kitchen.

  • It's proven to last—When I tossed my first spoonula into the cart many moons ago, little did I know it would become my most-used kitchen tool, appearing in my hand multiple times a day, every single day, for years to come. After a decade of daily use, my silicone utensils show little to no signs of wear. It's dishwasher-safe, so far stain-resistant, and as flexible as the day I bought it. For less than the price of a fancy coffee, this simple find has proven itself the unsung hero of my kitchen. This is the find for you if you're looking for a tool to help you through almost any kitchen task.

<p>Simply Recipes / ALDI</p>

Simply Recipes / ALDI

How I Use My Silicone Spoonula

I use my spoonula for everything from folding delicate egg whites to scraping the last remnants of mayonnaise and peanut butter from the jar. It's become my most reached-for tool for stirring soups, sauces, and stews, sautéing vegetables, making the perfect omelet, folding nuts and chocolate chips into batters, scraping the remnants of sauces and sticky mixes out of jars, blenders, and food processors, and even dolloping and spreading frosting onto cinnamon rolls and rustic cakes.

The fact that it's heat-resistant up to 550°F also means I can use it in a hot pan without worry, and its silicone construction plays well with my non-stick cookware.

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