This New $1.95 ALDI Find Is So Good It Was "Gone In 60 Seconds"

Run, not walk, or drive as fast as legally possible to the nearest ALDI to grab a bag or 10.

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Simply Recipes / Adobe Stock

I am a sucker for salty, delicious potato chips, so ALDI’s sea salt and vinegar chips regularly make their way into my shopping cart. And whenever there’s an intriguing new flavor at the store, I’m usually one of the first to try it.

So, listen to me when I tell you to run, not walk, or drive as fast as legally possible, to the nearest ALDI to grab a bag or two of the new Journey to…Greece Rosemary & Feta Kettle Chips.

What’s So Great About ALDI's Rosemary & Feta Kettle Chips

An eight-ounce bag of these babies costs only $1.95, and boy, are they packed—packed!—with flavor.

As the label suggests, these potato chips are inspired by the flavors of Greece. The kettle chips are ridged and pretty thick for a bagged potato chip, and a strong rosemary aroma tickles your nose as soon as you rip the bag open. (Let’s face it, they taste so good you’ll rip the bag open instead of gently pulling it open.)

The rosemary flavor hits your palate first, but it’s backed up by a cheesy accompaniment. The pairing of rosemary and cheese works like magic, and the first time I tried it, I almost nibbled through half the bag before I realized it. A Redditor recently claimed that these chips are so good they were "gone in 60 secs."

<p>Simply Recipes / Instacart</p>

Simply Recipes / Instacart

How I Would Enjoy These Potato Chips

In my house, these chips are destined for summer snacking. I’ve got a bag of them hidden in my pantry to take to our local concerts in the park—they will pair quite well with ALDI sparkling wine. Here are other ideas for enjoying the chips:

  • If you’re hosting a summer get-together, these chips will surely get the party going. They’d taste great with homemade onion dip, baked spinach and artichoke dip, and even ranch dressing. I’ve tried them with burgers and brats, and they’re fantastic.

  • They would pair well with grilled chicken breasts since they’ve got a hefty amount of rosemary.

  • They would also naturally pair well with gyros and Greek salads.

  • You should add them as a topping to casseroles.

  • If you were making chicken and feta meatballs, you could also grind up a cup or two of these chips and use them instead of breadcrumbs.

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