'Like a 1,500-Pound Dog': Connecticut Stallion Loves Giant Ball

A stallion from East Haddam, Connecticut, has been likened to a 1,500-pound dog after his owners discovered that his favorite toy was a giant ball.

George, a two-year-old Gypsy Vanner stallion, can be seen kicking, bucking, and rearing around his pasture while playing with a large red and blue ball drawing giggles from the recorder.

George’s owners, Jennifer Englund and Tammy Anttonen, told Storyful that they gave George the ball to keep him entertained: “Because he is a stallion, he can’t play with our other horses, and he began to try to play with humans like a 1,500-pound dog.”

“We tried a few different toys, like milk jugs and smaller balls, but he immediately took to this Mega Ball. Now he spends his days with his ball – rolling it, tossing it, he even naps standing over it like a goose on an egg.”

Aside from bringing laughs from bystanders, Englund and Anttonen said that they new toy also had the positive side effect of helping George focus on his “basic horse skills” training. Credit: @sowedreamon via Storyful

Video transcript


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